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3 More Free Cell Games!

That's right, three great new free cell solitaire card games have just found their way to this site! Now that you've mastered the basic puzzle game freecell, it's time to up the ante with some more fun and challenging solitaire strategy games.

Eight Off Free Cell is good for a change of pace: it's a little bit easier, on account of it having 8 free cells instead of just four, and is perfect for those times when you don't want to concentrate too hard. This is a great puzzle game for the lil' ones

Baker's Game Freecell, however, is much more difficult than traditional freecell. The goal of the game is the same (get all cards from the tableau into the foundations), but all stacks must be built atop of cards of the same suit. This means that every card has exactly half the places to go within the tableau. It is definitely more challenging.

And if you want double-difficulty, try Double Freecell. This game lives up to its namesake--and is easily twice as difficult as the card game Freecell, because it is played with two decks of cards, instead of one. Play this is you're some kind of strategy game massochist, or if you are really just that good


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